Our repertoire includes songs from the 50s, 60s, 80s, 90s... to present chart toppers and is regularly updated.
The musicans in the band are all very experienced pros and our superb lead singer is phenomenal.
This permits us to cater for guests of all ages and to supply the ideal music entertainment for your wedding, corporate function or venue.

Freespirit can play sophisticated background jazz and soul music (easy-listening) or put the dance floor on fire during the whole evening!

This web site has no purpose selling CDs but to present our live performance.
Since no polished studio recorded track can be replicated on stage unless at considerable sound equipment and
crew expenses, we are proud to
present here true samples of raw
live recordings

 Please note that 2 tracks- 1 and 7 - are studio recordings, however they
too have been recorded live
- no dub-in. Sound quality varies according to the room and...
the fantasy of the sound engineer
that night!

Freespirit's drummer Dominique Pizzinat endorses 100% handmade Turkish Cymbals Murat Diril

What You Hear Is What You Get!

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