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MP3 music files.... win amp... window media player.... real audio.... Quicktime... MPEG... WMV.... Houlala! This can add up to an overload of misunderstandings.

How can I download music or video files in my computer, how can I play music or video files from the internet ?
Listening to music and viewing videos on line the easy way will take you only a few minutes of preparation... if any!

Visit our original rock-pop-soul band VALL at:

Playing MP3 (music) or MPEG, WMV (video) files:

Our music files are stored in 2 different format: MP3 or FLASH.
Our video files are usually stored as FLASH files, sometimes as MPEG
or WMV files.

These format permit both a satisfactory quality of sound and a high level of compression (size reduction) of the initial file. If when you listen or view our files the sounds is not good, it can come from your sound card or speakers. Change them or E-mail and order our CD demo. But it should sound quite good on your computer!

Broadband is the norm today in almost every household. Today you can
have extreme speeds of download up to 15Mb/sec (real) and at a fraction of the cost you used to pay when using an old dialup modem.
(£24/month for the best 24mb broadband in UK)

MP3 format permits you to download a file in a few minutes. These files have been compressed to the maximum while still trying to keep a radio quality sound.

If you do not know whether your computer has the proper software to play these files, or if the software that you have does not seem to work properly, you can download 'Winamp' which is one of the best player. It is FREE and easy to instal. It works for videos too.

The download and instalation of Winamp will take 3 minutes after which you will be set: your computer will now be able to play any MP3 file ro video for you in the future.


Listening/viewing our files:
*the instructions below do not apply (are not needed) to FLASH files)

The following applies for Internet Explorer 5.0. It is very similar for other 'browsers' (this is what the software that you use to go on the net is called)

1. On our home page - where the music or video files are listed -, click on any song you want to listen to or view - one at a time! -.

2. A window will open asking if you want to 'open the file from its current location' or 'save this file to disk'.

3. Unless you want to save in your computer to listen to it later, choose the first option 'open the file from its current location'.

4. The file is now downloading. The progress of the download process appears in a new window. It will take 3 sec. with fast broadband or much more with a dialup modem.

5. Wait until Winamp opens automatically and plays the songs.

6. Once done, you can re-listen/view the same file - click on the 'play' symbol on Winamp, or close Winamp.

7. Listen to other music files the same way.

If you encounter any difficulty, contact us for guidance.


Tel & Fax:
(44)(0)709 221 77 35
(Not a mobile. Not a premium number.
Standard UK landline charge.)
(44)(0)7930 415 185
London - United Kingdom



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